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Railers Boys Take On The Tigers

On Friday, February 3, the Railers hosted the Stockton Tigers in a MCL macthup. The first quarter started out well for both teams. Scoring fast and often was Ellis's mindset this game. The Tigers, however, were doing their best to keep up. The first quarter Ellis had 20 points compared to Stockton's 14. going into halftime Ellis built a bigger cushion by outscoring them 18 to 12. Starting the third the score was 38 to 26 in favor of Ellis. Ellis came out strong again keeping the pressure on Stockton. Stockton didn't want to roll over but Ellis had extended their lead to now 19. The fourth quarter slowed down a lot even though the buckets kept coming for Ellis. It felt like Ellis couldn't miss a shot at most points in the game. They rode out their twenty point lead to a 72-48 blowout win. The Railers' next game will be at Smith Center on Februrary 10th.

Taylor Beisner