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Ellis vs Hoxie in Sub State Finals

On Saturday, March 4, Ellis and Hoxie filled the Palinville gym full to face off and see who would be heading to Manhattan. Let me tell you, This game was a good one. It opened up going back and forth right from the tip off. Both teams showed potential of an early run but both were stopped by big shots coming at crucial points in the first. At the start both teams seemed a little rattled. Not many shots were falling and emotions were pouring. Near the end of the first quarter Ellis's Taylor Beisner was slapped with a technical foul. Hoxie put in one free throw to put them up 14-9. The game still going back and forth as Hoxie clinged to a 3 point lead. Hoxie was able to get two shots up to make the lead seven at the end of the half, but was tagged with a technical foul as well. Easton Smith put in both free throws to make it 25-20 going into halftime. The Railers third quarter started well. They went on a 7-0 run to make it 31-30 in their favor. Hoxie stayed calm and didn't let the game get away from them. both teams just kept trading buckets until Hoxie hit a huge three to give them a 48-46 lead. More importantly it sparked a 10-0 run and allowed Hoxie to hold on and win the game 67-61. The Railers finished their season at 15-9. Hoxie is seeded 5th and will face off against Sedan in the first round of state.
On behalf of the boys basketball team, I would like to thank all of the fans and students for coming up and supporting us in this championship game.

Taylor Beisner