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Railers Beat TMP for the First Time

The Ellis Railers went to Hays on April 11 to take on the TMP Monarchs. The Railers baseball team has never beaten TMP until last night. Game one the Railers were held to zero in the top of the first, while TMP scored in the bottom. The Railers came back and put up one run in the top of the second but TMP answered back by putting up two runs in the bottom of the second. Third inning was held to the same score. Top of the fourth the Railers scored two runs to tie TMP. Both teams were held scoreless until they went into extra innings. The Railers put up three runs in the top of the 8th while the Monarchs could only put up one run. The railers win big against TMP with the final score being 6-4.

Game two started off in favor of the Railers, they scored two runs, and held the Monarchs to zeros throught the 1st and 2nd innings. The railers came up with some big sticks in the 3rd inning by putting up three runs, but the Monarchs put up two of there own. In the top of the 5th Monarchs held the Railers to zero, but in the botton the Monarchs put up five runs, the score being 5-7 going into the 5th where know one put up any runs. The Railers started there comeback in the 6th putting up one run and holding TMP to zero. Top of the 7th the Railers came up big and put up two runs putting them ahead of TMP. TMP couldn't answer back to the truly superior Ellis Railers. The final score being 8-7. The Railers have started the season off being 4-0. They face Lincoln on Tuesday April 18th.

Brevin LaBarge