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Railers Tower Over Bearcats

On Tuesday, March 27th, the Ellis Railers Baseball team traveled to Ellsworth to compete against the Bearcats. The Railers came out strong both games with Senior, Junior Hernandez, scoring the most runs in the first game,5, and Freshman, Konnor Pfeifer scoring the most runs in the second game, 3. The three pitchers in the first game were Sophomore, Carter Bollig, Junior, Talon Torline, and Senior, Junior Hernandez and the pitchers in the second game were Freshman, Tegan Cain and Sophomore, Carter Bollig. The Railer baseball team won both games against the Bearcats with scores of the first game being 24-6 and the second game being 12-0. Great job to the Railer baseball team and good luck to them as they travel to Little River/Lincoln on Tuesday, April 3rd. Go out and support!

Jaylinn Pfeifer