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Soneson & Reiter Win Video Contest

Golden Belt Bank hosted a contest with the Hays area schools. This contest included a submission of a video to inspire and educate young people to use money wisely and become lifelong savers. The contest was to be a either one or a combination of three themes: 1) value of saving; 2) the value of saving and using money wisely; and/or 3) the value of saving to pay for college. Geoffrey Soneson and Haley Reiter were chose as the top 2 winners for the contest after their video submissions. Haley Reiter received first which included $500 on her video about saving and using money. Geoffrey Soneson received second which included $250 on his video about saving and using money. Craig Amrein, the Personal Finance instructor, received $200 for the class since he had two of his students win the contest. Reiter will advance onto the national level where the video will be sent to a panel of judges and selected by the American Bankers Association, the sponsor of the contest.

Jaylinn Pfeifer