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Winter Risk Modifications

As we enter the winter activity season, Ellis High School is asking for help from our parents, families, and members of our community. We continue to work hard to follow safety protocols inside our school and it has helped keep our doors open and our programs operational. With the current rise in cases in our community and in our county, we urge you to please do your part to keep the spread of the virus down so that we can protect our student-athletes and our school programs.

In lieu of the current state of our community and county in relation to the virus, we’ve adopted the following risk modifications for our high school home basketball contests. Please understand that the situation we face is everchanging and that adaptations to these modifications may be necessary.

- We will be limiting attendance at these events to best protect the health and safety of all who enter our facilities. We will allot 4 tickets to each student-athlete and coach who are representing our high school basketball programs. We will also allot 2 tickets to each of our cheerleaders, managers, pep band members, and active event sponsors. We will provide the opposing team the same privileges for these events. These attendance modifications will be enacted at Ellis High School only.

- We will require that masks be worn by spectators in all locations of all of our facilities. We also strongly encourage that spectators socially distance from other families at our events. Children are expected to sit with their parents or family group at all events.

All games played at Ellis High School will be live streamed via our school YouTube page which can be found at The streaming is free of charge to view for anyone who is unable to attend the event in person.

This decision does not come easy as we are grateful for the support of our community at our athletic events. However, it is essential that we all band together as a community to protect our students, staff, programs, and patrons. Good decisions in the school and in the community every day will assist in lowering the overall impact of the virus and allow our school and programs to continue.

Thank you for doing your part!

Derek Schoenthaler