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Welcome to Ellis USD 388, the home of the Railroaders.  Currently, we are a 2A school district which houses nearly 400 students, 3 administrators, 31 teachers, 2 counselors, 1 nurse, and over 46 additional staff members.  We are located in Ellis, Kansas, a community just 15 miles west of Hays and Fort Hays State University.  Our schools and community offer a safe place for students to be positively involved and grow into responsible citizens.   

The Ellis EdgeWe have a talented and committed staff that focuses upon improving instructional practice for the sake of student learning.  Technology rich classrooms enhance all of our curricular programs.  A balanced, comprehensive educational program is offered to students, focusing upon meeting individual needs in a caring manner.  Our goal is to help our students prepare for success through the collaborative efforts of school, home and community.  We continue to work on building strong partnerships with our parents and community, and we commend them for their support of our school family.  Our mission of success begins with our students but affects and reflects upon all of us.  Thank you for your help and continued support as we prepare our students for a positive and productive future.

The school board, administration, faculty and staff at Ellis USD 388 are committed to excellence.  Our belief is that high expectations produce high results and each educator strives to provide every student with a personalized learning experience that is unparalleled.  We all know that the most important members of our educational team are our students.  We encourage our students to claim their education as their own and use it as a tool to achieve their goals and dreams.

Each year brings many achievements and challenges to all involved in the Ellis school community.  We celebrate the achievements and welcome the challenges as an opportunity to better ourselves and succeed.  Feel free to visit us and witness the talents of the people who make Ellis USD 388 a great place to be.

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