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Candidate Picture

Back Row (L-R): Derek Pfeifer (SR), son of David & LuAnn Pfeifer; Ashley Mattheyer (SR), daughter of Dustin & Mara Mattheyer; Geoffrey Soneson (JR), son of Rob & Donna Soneson; Haley Reiter (JR), daughter of Allan & Lisa Reiter; Lane Fischer (SO), son of Brian & Melanie Fischer; Cassie Waldschmidt (SO), daughter of Pete & Sandy Waldschmidt; Coby Fischer (FR), son of Brian & Melanie Fischer; and Rylee Werth (FR), daughter of Rod & Cristi Werth.

Middle Row (L-R): Bryce Keithley (SR), son of Ron & Kim Keithley; Ashton Johnson (SR), daughter of Kip Johnson & Celeste Johnson; Dawson Sproul (JR), son of Chad & Jennifer Sproul; Abby Burton (JR), daughter of Corey & Amy Burton; Thomas Shepard (SO), son of Robert & Jennifer Cimmiyotti and the late Lance Shepard; Cameryn Kinderknecht (SO), daughter of Tim & Rhonda Kinderknecht; and John Gamez (FR), son of Domingo & Martha Gamez.

Front Row (L-R): Dalton Hensley (SR), son of Kent & Shelly Hensley; Jessica Gamez (SR), daughter of Domingo & Martha Gamez; Bryce Younger (JR), son of Bobby & Toni Younger; Blakely Bittel (JR), daughter of Blake Bittel & Kristi Bittel; Logan Shaw (SO), son of Doug & Jill Shaw; Tara Woodworth (SO), daughter of Jeff & Denise Woodworth; Lauryn Becker (FR), daughter of Chris & Brandy Becker; and Breonna North (FR), daughter of Travis & Ava North.