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2017 National Honor Society Induction

Today, November 20, 2017, the Dr. G.A.. Surface National Honor Society inducted 23 members, six juniors and 17 seniors. There were 15 second year members and 8 first year members. Good job to the hard-working students of EHS. Requirements to get inducted into the National Honor Society are a 3.5 GPA, leadership in seven organizations within the school or community, completed at least 40 hours of service, and pass a positive character evaluation by the teachers. The following students of EHS were inducted into the Dr. G.A. Surface National Honor Society.

First Year Members
Second Year Members
Emily Cranwell
Blakely Bittel
Megan Cranwell
Abby Burton
Lane Fischer
Samantha Crawford
Taylor Honas
Kaylyn Foster
Cameryn Kinderkinecht
Kyrsten Frickey
Logan Shaw
Aiden Johnson
August Sinclair
Drew Keller
Cassie Waldschmidt
Jaylinn Pfeifer
Haley Reiter
Sierra Schmidt
Natalie Schoenberger
Geoffrey Soneson
Dawson Sproul
Ali Weber
Shelby Werth

Back Row (left to right) 2nd yr members: Blakely Bittel, Abby Burton, Samantha Crawford, Kaylyn Foster, Kyrsten Frickey, Drew Keller, Jaylinn Pfeifer, Haley Reiter, Sierra Schmidt, Natalie Schoenberger, Geoffrey Soneson, Dawson Sproul, Ali Weber, Shelby Werth
Not pictured: Aiden Johnson

Front Row (left to right) 1st yr members: Emily Cranwell, Megan Cranwell, Lane Fischer, Taylor Honas, Cameryn Kinderkinect, Logan Shaw, August Sinclair, Cassie Waldschmidt

Jaylinn Pfeifer