Mr. Kohl

U.S. History

Chapter 10 outline


Section 1 (p. 364)


I.        Global Imperialism


A.     Imperialism =


II.      American Imperialism


A.     Manifest Destiny


B.      European action


III.    Factors Fuel U.S. Imperialism


A.     Markets


B.      Military


C.      Social Darwinism


IV.    Anti-imperialism


A.     Moral Argument


B.      Racism


C.      Cost


D.      Competing work force


V.      Hawaii


A.     Missionaries


B.      Sugar


C.      Rebellion


Section 2 (p. 370)


I.        Cuba


A.     1895 rebellion



II.      Threat of War Escalates


A.     Yellow Journalism


B.      DeLome Letter

C.      USS Maine


D.      Economic advantages


III.    Spanish American War

A.     Public pressure


B.      Teller Amendment


C.      Treaty of Paris 1898


Section 3 (p. 375)


I.        Puerto Rico


II.      Cuba


III.    Phillipines


IV.    China and Open Door

A.     Reason for US interest


B.      Spheres of Influence


C.      Open Door Policy 1900


D.      Boxer Rebellion


V.      Election of 1900


Section 4 (p. 382)


I.        Theodore Roosevelt and the World

A.     Relations with Japan


II.      Panama Canal

A.     Reason for US interest


B.      Revolution


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† -Hay-Pauncefote Treaty


C.      Criticism


D.      Disease


E.       Importance


F.       Protection


III.    Foreign Policy in Early 1900ís

A.     1904 Roosevelt Corollary


††††††††††††††† B.Taft Dollar Diplomacy