Mr. Kohl               


Chapter 4 Note Outline                     


Section 1 (p. 88)


I.                     Problem for Framers


A.      Beliefs


II.                   Federalism


A.      Definition


B.       Dual system


C.       Strength


III.                 Powers of National Government


A.      Delegated


B.       Expressed


C.       Implied


D.      Inherent


IV.                 Powers denied National Government


A.      3 ways








V.                   Reserved Powers


VI.                 Powers Denied States


VII.               Federal System


A.      3 layers


B.       Local government


VIII.             Exclusive Powers


IX.                Concurrent Powers


X.                  Supremacy Clause


A.      McCulloch v. Maryland 1819


Section 2 (p. 97)


I.                     Federal Grants-in-Aid


II.                   3 Types


A.      Categorical Grants


B.       Block Grants


C.       Project Grants


III.                 Other forms


-Lulu payments


IV.                 State aid to national government


Section 3 (p. 105)


I.                     Interstate Compacts


A.      Definition


B.       Subjects


II.                   Full Faith and Credit



-Court Actions


III.                 Extradition


IV.                 Privileges and Immunities