Mr. Kohl


Chapter 13 Outline


Section 1 (p. 354)


I.                     President’s Roles


A.      Chief of State


B.       Chief Executive


C.       Chief Diplomat


D.      Commander in Chief


E.       Chief Citizen


F.       Chief Administrator


G.       Chief Legislator


H.      Chief of Party


I.         Relations of Roles


II.                   Formal Qualifications








III.                 President’s Term


A.      Two Term Tradition


B.       22nd Amendment 1951


IV.                 Pay and Benefits


Section 2 (p. 359)


I.                     Presidential Succession


-8 Presidents





A.      Line of Succession

-Presidential Succession Act of 1947


1.                             3.                             5.                             7.                             9.                            

2.                             4.                             6.                             8.


II.                   Presidential Disability


A.      25th Amendment


1.        Vice Presidential Vacancy:


2.        Presidential Disability


III.                 Vice President


A.      Role of the Vice President







Section 3 (p. 365)


-Presidential Selection


I.                     Original Constitutional Provisions


A.      Electoral College Plan


1.        State choose


2.        Number of electors


a.        Total electoral votes


3.        How worked


II.                   Impact of the Rise of Parties


A.      Election of 1800


B.       12th amendment


Section 4 (p. 368)


I.                     Role of Conventions


A.      Convention Arrangement


B.       Apportionment of Delegates


C.       Selection


II.                   Presidential Primaries


A.      Presidential Primary


B.       States


III.                 Caucus-Convention Process


IV.                 National Convention


V.                   Who is Nominated


A.      Incumbent


B.       Political Experience


C.       Other characteristics


Section 5 (p. 377)


I.                     Electoral College Today


-When election occurs


A.      Choosing Electors


1.        Who?


2.        Exception


3.        Winner


4.        In December


5.        Need _____ to win?


a.        If not?


III.                 Flaws


A.      Problem of Representation






B.       “Unpopular”


C.       Independent


IV.                 Electoral College Reforms


A.      Proportional Plan


B.       District Vote


C.       Direct Vote