Mr. Kohl


Chapter 12 Outline


Section 1 (p. 320)




>House of Representatives


I.                     Congress


A.      Term




B.       Opening Day


C.       Meetings


D.      Special Session


II.                   State of the Union


III.                 Presiding Officers


A.      Speaker of the House


1.        Duties


B.       President of the Senate


1.        Duties


C.       President pro tempore


1.        Duties


IV.                 Floor Leaders


A.      How Chosen


B.       Duties


C.       House Majority Leader


D.      House Minority Leader


E.       House Majority Whip


F.       House Minority Whip


G.       Senate Majority Leader


H.      Senate Minority Leader


I.         Senate Majority Whip


J.        Senate Minority Whip


V.                   Committee Chairmen


A.      Work


B.       Chairman


C.       Seniority Rule


1.        Advantage

2.        Disadvantage


Section 2 (p. 329)


I.                     Standing Committees


A.      Service


B.       Duties


C.       Procedure


II.                   Select Committees


III.                 Joint Committee


IV.                 Conference Committee


Section 3 (p. 334)


I.                     Introducing Bill


A.      Exception


II.                   Types


A.      Public


B.       Private


C.       Joint Resolutions


D.      Concurrent Resolutions


E.       Resolutions


F.       Rider


III.                 Standing Committee


A.      Discharge Petition


B.       How report


IV.                 Calendars


V.                   Floor


A.      Committee of the Whole


B.       Debate


C.       Voting


Section 4 (p. 342)


I.                     Introduction


II.                   Senate’s Rules for Debate


III.                 Filibuster


A.      Define

B.       Who?

C.       Record

D.      Success


IV.                 Cloture Rule


V.                   Conference Committees


VI.                 Presidential Action