Mr. Kohl


2008 Election Project (425 pts)

Name _____________


Project Directions:  Each class will divide into 4 groups (one for each party represented in the 2008 election - Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Reform or Independent).  Each group will research their party candidates in the following elections:  President, U.S. House of Representatives (Kansas District 1 seat), U.S. Senate, and State Senator (District 36).


Party candidates can be found on the following page. 


Research material can be found on the links page on my website.  Additional information can be found on Yahoo (type candidate name), party web sites, newspapers, or news web sites such as or


Groups will research each candidate and their stance on all of the important issues.  Issues should include but NOT be limited to the following:  Crime, education, elderly, employment, environment, health care, immigration, taxes, foreign policy, war on terror, etc. . .    This information should be typed and organized neatly in a creative style (booklet, pamphlet, etc. . .).  It will be handed in at the end of the project.  Each group will then use this information to create advertisements, which will be placed around the high school with the purpose of getting your message out to the voters.  In addition, each group will also create one commercial (video or computerized movie using movie-maker or other programs) which will be presented to the class.


Each group is also responsible for contributing one member to the voter registration, ballot, and result counting team.  They will be responsible for construction and distribution of registration forms throughout the high school and grade school.


Finally, each group will write a speech for their candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, President, and U.S. Senate.  Each speech should contain all relevant information about their candidates’ stance on the issues.  These speeches will be delivered in class on the speech due date.  A separate speech must also be created for the candidates which also explains a portion about the party and position.  This must be delivered to a High School class and at least one grade school class (Grade School classes will only receive speeches on the Presidential candidates).  Grade school speeches delivered to classes younger than 3rd grade should focus on explaining the party, information about an election, and some basic issues.  Please include pictures of candidates and party symbols in these presentations.


Each group should be organized into the following positions:


a.       Campaign manager:  Responsible for keeping the group on task and making sure the group completes all responsibilities on due dates.  Also reports to the teacher if a team member is not performing their duties.  (Only one group member will act in this role)


b.       Voter Registration/Ballot counting:  (1 member per group)   Responsible for assisting team in constructing voter registration forms, counting ballots, and registering voters.


c.       Speech writer and presenter:  Writes the group speeches, presents the speeches and answers questions.


d.       Investigative team:  Responsible for researching all important material about the party’s candidates.  (All group members should be a part of the investigative team)


e.       Advertisers:  Constructs party propaganda (posters, commercials, etc. . . ).  Must create a commercial (Video) for the party’s Presidential candidate.


**Each group member will have to act in more than one role.

Due dates:


1.       Commercial presentation                                                            November 3


2.       Speech to outside classes                                                          October 27 -31


3.       Classroom speech and questions                                             October 30 -31


4.       Election Day                                                                                 November 4


5.       Candidate information (Typed) and each                                November 4

                students score sheet due. 

                **NO score sheet results in a ZERO!!!

                **Plagiarism results in a ZERO!!!


Additional Points:


  1. _____ (10 pts) Each group member asks at least one educated question during the in class speeches.
  2. _____ (40 pts) Each group delivers a each required speech (10 total) to an outside class at least once and one speech to a grade school class.  (Extra Credit will be given to groups that present more than required total)


Speech Rubric:



































U.S. House of Representatives (District 1)                                                     


                Republican:  Jerry Moran                                                                  


                Democrat:  James Bordonaro


                Reform:  Kathleen M. Burton


                Libertarian:  Jack Warner


President/Vice President


                Democrat:  Barack Obama / Joe Biden


                Republican:  John McCain / Sarah H. Palin


                Libertarian:  Bob Barr / Wayne A. Root


                Independent:  Ralph Nader / Matt Gonzalez


                **** K – 2nd grade only votes on President


U.S. Senate


                Republican:  Pat Roberts


                Democrat:  Jim Slattery


                Libertarian:  Randall L. Hodgkinson


                Reform:  Joseph L. Martin


State Senator (District 36)


                Republican:  Larry D. Salmans


                Democrat:  Janis K. Lee