Mr. Kohl


Supreme Court Cases (210 pts)

Name _____________


**Each class member will be assigned to a famous Supreme Court case and issued a side to research.

                >Plaintiff:  the party who brings a suit or some other legal action against another in court.

                >Defendant:  person against whom a court action is brought or who is charged with the crime.


**Research:          -Who is involved in the designated case (in particular depth – especially for your                                                assigned side).

                                -Background information leading up to the case (Including ALL details).

                                (Include previous court decisions that are relevant to the case)

                                -Court decision (Give decision and explain reasoning behind decision).

                                -The impact of the decision on your rights today.  (Try to be specific if possible in a                                            paragraph)


**At the conclusion of research, students assigned to the same case will meet with their group and discuss findings (NOT copy notes).  Information researched should be contained in a one to two page typed paper from each student and each group (or individual student) will present their findings to the class.  Group presentations should be divided equally by the assigned side, and presentations should be participated in equally by each group member.  The class will then have an opportunity to discuss the case and ask questions of each group.


**A SOURCE PAGE should be handed in with each student’s paper and should be typed.


**DO NOT PRINT OFF ARTICLES!!!  (Take NOTES which will be HANDED IN for a grade at the conclusion of the project)


**Score sheet must be handed in with paper.  (Student will lose 100 points if missing)


**Plagiarism will result in a zero!


Due Date:  ________________




1.  1803 Marbury v. Madison                                                             8.    1963 Gideon v. Wainwright


2.  1824 Gibbons v. Ogden                                                  9.    1962 Engel v. Vitale


3.  1857 Dred Scott v. Sandford                                                         10.  1819 McCulloch v. Maryland


4.  1896 Plessy v. Ferguson                                                                11.  1961 Mapp v. Ohio


5.  1954 Brown v. Board of Education                                               12.  1962 Baker v. Carr


6.  1966 Miranda v. Arizona                                                                13.  1964 Reynolds v. Sims


7.  1973 Roe v. Wade