HTML Code Assignment
You will create a very basic webpage using only html code in the text editor Notepad (located in All Programs>Accessories>Notepad). Follow the steps below to complete the assignment. Please keep all your files contained in a single folder on your desktop titled "notepad_assignment".

  1. The webpage will be titled Your Name's Webpage. Ex: Craig Amrein''s Webpage
  2. Change the background color of your page to a color of your choice, but make sure the black text will show up on your background.
  3. The top of the body section will have the same text as your title in a heading 1 font size, underlined, and centered on the page.
  4. Below the title in the body create a table with three rows.
  5. In the first row of the table include a paragraph about yourself. Five sentences minimum. Use heading 3 font size.
  6. Also in the first row after your paragraph put in a paragraph break, and create an unordered list of all your favorite hobbies.
  7. In the second row insert a picture of yourself centered in the table column.
  8. In the 3rd row of the table type the following sentence, "I live in Ellis, Kansas. Make "Ellis, Kansas" text a link to the city of Ellis website.
  9. Save the file as a HTML file and locate the file in windows Explorer. Double click it to open it in your web browser.
  10. Please raise your hand, and I will preview the page from your browser screen first, and then look at you code in notepad.