Hunting Lodge Website


The most recent business fad in the Midwest is for land owners to build a hunting lodge on their land, and rent it out during hunting season. The majority of owners create a website and publish the site on the internet to advertise their hunting lodge to a broad audience across the country. Many of their best customers are from long distances away. These customers have never had the experience of being in the midwest and hunting the wildlife. Therefore these hunters will pay top dollar for the experience.

Your Assignment

You will create a website for a local hunting lodge, which is located 6 miles North of Ellis. The hunting lodge is titled "Prairie Grass Hunting Lodge". The hunting lodge has three different packages that customers can choose from. Option 1 pay $50 per hunter per night. Option 2 pay $200 per night but can have unlimited guests in the lodge. Option 3 rent the lodge for a week with unlimited visitors for $500. Any pictures you need for your website you can get off the internet, or take pictures on your own time(after school) of local farm houses (this is optional). The website should be a minimum of 4 pages, and there is not a maximum. The following are features you might consider having on your website.

  • A narrative describing the lodge and the experience at the lodge
  • Area attractions
  • Pictures of land and wildlife
  • A map of the location relative to the United States or Kansas
  • A form which visitors could fill out to reserve the lodge
  • The nearest stores or Walmart
  • Pictures of the inside and outside of the lodge
  • A narrative(paragraph) of the closest town. (Ellis)
  • A narrative on when is the best time to hunt
  • A narrative on the type of wildlife that the customer could possibly hunt
  • A link to Kansas Wildlife and Game for visitors to get information about hunting in Kansas


  1. First you will story board your website with pen and paper. Draw out the layout of every page of your website on paper. Put main text such as titles and headers on the every page.
  2. Please bring the storyboard to me. I will review and we will discuss your website.
  3. Next you will begin creating your site in Dreamweaver. I would create a folder and name it "hunting_lodge".
  4. We will have each student present their website using the projector.