Amusement Park


You have been hired as a web designer for Fun Land amusement park corporation. Fun Land is a new amusement park in Oklahoma City. Fun Land is similar to other amusement theme parks such as Worlds of Fun, Six Flags, or Disney world.

Your Assignment

This will be a comprehensive web site that your web audience could get all the information they need about the amusement park. The website will need to inform visitors of everything they need to know about the park.

  1. A home page (narrative describing the amusement park with attractive images)
  2. location of park
  3. featured rides or attractions (include narratives)
  4. Price packages
  5. map of park
  6. contact page
  7. narrative about the park
  8. attractions that are also in the city you choose to have your amusement park in
  9. food and drink offered in your park
  10. rules of the park
  11. hours of operation


  1. First you will story board your website with pen and paper. Draw out the layout of every page of your website on paper. Put main text such as titles and headers on the every page.
  2. Please bring the storyboard to me. I will review and we will discuss your website.
  3. Next you will begin creating your site in Dreamweaver. I would create a folder and name it "amusement_park". Make sure this is set as your root folder when set up your site.
  4. We will have each student present their website using the projector.