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Unit B

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


You can only have one Premiere Elements project open at a time.


There is more than one way to open a Premiere Elements project.


The Auto Save feature must be turned on in order for Elements to create an Adobe Premiere Elements Auto Save folder.


You do not need to use the three folders that are created by Elements (Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files, Encoded Files, and Media Cache Files) but you can if you wish to.


Closing a folder with the Move up a level button in the Media panel gives the same end result as collapsing a folder in the Media panel.


Three are tips in the Create Slideshow dialog box.


You can “take” just the audio or video components of a clip using the Create Slideshow command.


The time display tells the exact location of the current-time indicator.


The Zoom feature changes the view of the Timeline panel only.


The length that you drag the shuttle slider determines the speed of the playback.

Complete each sentence or statement.


The default transition in Elements is called the ____________________.



Transitions are found in the ____________________ panel.



The ____________________ command processes all of the edits you’ve made to the movie, and creates a new preview file.



The ____________________ indicates the portion of the movie that will be rendered.



The Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons only affect the view in the ____________________ panel.



The ____________________ above the time ruler shows the exact frame location of the current-time indicator.


Match each item with the correct statement below.
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Effects and Transitions panel
End of movie marker
Auto feature
Work area bar


Press to move current-time indicator to first frame


Stores the audio and video effects


Defines which part of movie will be rendered


Press to advance to last frame in Timeline


Part of the work area bar


A visual change from one clip to another


To watch your movie in the Monitor or the end result of using the Render command


Press to move the current-time indicator to the previous edit point


Press to play and pause the movie

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