Autobiographical Statement

I grew up and attended school K-12 in Hill City, Kansas located in Northwest Kansas.  I always enjoyed the time I spent at school and appreciated my teachers and coaches who instilled in me a good work ethic and a desire to excel in whatever I did.  Follow high school I enrolled in and attended Colby Community College for two years.  I actually started college thinking I would be an Accountant.  But, after the first two years of college I knew that my true desire was to work in education.

After graduating from Colby, I transferred to Fort Hays State University and changed my major to Business Education.  Three years later, I graduated and started looking for my first job.  The criteria for my first job was simple, I needed a school who wanted a high school business teacher and wrestling coach. 

I attend the Fort Hays State University Teacher Career Fair and visited with many different schools.  The next week I found myself interviewing with three school, Hillsboro High School being one.  Growing up in Western Kansas, I had to go to the map to find out where Hillsboro was.  Hillsboro, which is located in Central Kansas turned into home.  In the fall of 1994 I accepted my first teaching contract at Hillsboro High School.

I spend the next 12 years of my career working and living in the Hillsboro school district.  While at Hillsboro I attended Emporia State University and earned my degree in Educational Administration.  I taught and coached for nine years and served the district as middle school principal for the last three.

One of the biggest challenges, yet most rewarding experience I faced at Hillsboro High School was the development of the high school wrestling team.  When I arrive at Hillsboro the high school program was in its third year and they had no feeder programs.  My first high school wrestling team had 6 wrestlers.  Over the next twelve years I helped (with many other great supporters) develop a kids wrestling program, start a middle school wrestling program, build a wrestling room, and see a program grow to where the team averages over 20 high school participates each year.

During my stay at Hillsboro I married my wife, Amy.  Our daughter Abby was born in 1999 and our son Easton in 2003.
My experience at Hillsboro was a good one.  I had the opportunity to work with many great teachers, administrators, coaches, and students.  I truly feel that many of these people were instrumental in forming the skills and beliefs that guide me in my position today.

Our parents (the kid’s grandparents) still live in Western, Kansas so we always kept our eyes on job opportunities in this part of the state.  When the Ellis position opened, we felt like it was one that I needed to consider.

As we started looking at Ellis more, we were very impressed with the school, teachers, administration, and students.  The school has a strong track record of excellence academics and competitive activities.  We saw a strong and growing community, one that is not always found in small rural Kansas communities.  All this seemed right, so here we are.
My wife, kids and I are now well established in the Ellis community as I start my 11th year in the Ellis school district.  We have seen many exciting changes over this period of time.  I look forward to working with the students, staff, and community to continue a tradition of strong Ellis schools.