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JV Track at Hill City

The Ellis Freshman and Sophomores participated in the Hill City track meet on Monday April 24. More...

Taylor Beisner

Osborne Ivitational Results

On Friday, April 21, the track team traveled to Osborne to compete against 14 other teams. More...

Taylor Beisner

Plainville Invitational Results

On Tuesday, April 19, the Ellis track team headed to Plainville to face off against other local teams. More...

Taylor Beisner

Ness City Track Results

On Tuesday, April 12, the Ellis track team traveled to Ness City to compete against eight other teams. More...

Taylor Beisner

Russell Track Results

On Thursday, April 6, The Ellis track team traveled down to Russell to compete. More...

Taylor Beisner

LaCrosse Track Results

On Thursday, March 30, the EHS track and field team traveled to LaCrosse for their invitational. More...

Kyrsten Frickey

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