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Lady Railer Basketball  
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Date Opponent Location Time Record MCL Results
11/30 Phillipsburg H 6:00pm     L 37-67
12/3 Castle Rock: Quinter T        
12/7 Castle Rock: Quinter T        
12/8 Castle Rock: Quinter T        
12/11 Wheatland H 6:00pm      
12/17 Ellinwood T 6:00pm      
01/04 TMP H 6:00pm      
01/11 Hill City T 6:00pm      
01/12 Hill City H 6:00pm      
01/15 MCL Tourney: T 6:00pm      
01/17 MCL Tourney: Stockton T 6:00pm      
01/18 MCL Tourney: Trego T 6:00 pm      
01/19 MCL Tourney: Trego T 6:00pm      
01/22 Victoria H 6:00pm      
01/25 Norton T 6:00pm      
01/29 Quinter H 6:00pm      
02/01 Stockton H 6:00pm      
02/05 Ness City T 6:00pm      
02/08 Smith Center T 6:00pm      
02/12 Trego H 6:00pm      
02/15 Norton H 6:00pm      
02/19 Oakley H 6:00pm      
02/26-03/03 Sub-State T 7:00pm      
Orange Bold Denotes Home Game
*Denotes MCL Game*