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In 1904, the Ellis High School was getting ready for their Christmas program when it was suggested that the school rooms be decorated with school colors. It was a good suggestion except they had no colors.

A meeting was held for the purpose of choosing school colors. The girls had many suggestions and finally chose "Lavender and White" but the boys were not very enthusiastic. These colors served nicely at the program, but wouldn't the boys look peculiar out on the football field dressed in "Lavender and White"?

In 1904, Princeton University had an undefeated, and an unscored on football team. Their playing jerseys were "Orange and Black" striped from their school colors. Because of this fact, the boys, and some of the girls, rallied behind the Princeton colors, and the "Orange and Black" became the colors of Ellis High School instead of "Lavender and White" which was a close second. Ellis High today still has the colors "Orange and Black" of which everyone is familiar, and how proud we are of the Orange and Black!

Published September 22, 1938 in "The Railroader."

(Thanks to Eileen Langley who researched the information and Joleen Fisher who published this article in the Ellis Review.)