Senior Wills

Craig Amrein - "I, Craig Amrein, of strong body and no mind will my little brother Clint my weightlifting gloves; to David McClelland, my weightlifting ability; to Brad Schoenthaler, I will my love for the game of football; and to Shane Mickelson, the ability to do nothing in Projects."

Damon Anderson - "I, Damon Anderson, of muscular body, and tired mind, will Luke Ernst the ability to get in the weight room. To Homewood, I leave my bball talent. Also, I leave B.B. a caveman."

Olivia Anderson - "I, Olivia Anderson, will all EHS Students to grow up and face the real world and let people live their own lives."

Betsy Bartlett - "I, Betsy Bartlett, of lanky body and opinionated mind, will LaTaya Bradstreet the ability to recognize 2-faced people. To Day-Z, I will a "shwan". I also leave DZ the greatest things in life: slurpies, hot tamales, and a "smock"!"

Shannon Befort - "I, Shannon Befort, being of sound mind and body, leave to Shayla the ability to make it through her senior year alive and to my brother the ability to some day graduate from this prison."

Jamie Bieker - "I, Jamie Bieker, of, um, sound mind, leave my sis my ability to be cool, calm, and collective (Yeah, right); to you poor people at Arthur's, my ability as dishwasher (though I won't mention any names-Jared); to Kermit, my ability to be the quiet person; to next year's Web page class, the ability to make sure LR doesn't have a nervous breakdown; to Riley, an exacto (don't hurt Jonas too much); also, to those slaving at Arthur's, my ability to see imaginary rats; to the rest of the student body my ability to fall on my face, pick myself up, and try again; and last but not least, to the class of '99, my permission to pick on my lil' bro next year."

Kristy Brown - "I, Kristy Brown, being of sound mind and body, will Crystal Augustine the ability to find and keep a good man; Terri Kroeger the ability to make people pay attention; Emily Edmonds and Raleen Fisher the ability to NOT run over people; Nick Keller the ability to buy a new truck before you graduate; Lyndsay Dorzweiler the ability to open her own locker; and the journalism staff the ability to redo the yearbook over and over again."

Jeff Dorzweiler - "I, Jeff Dorzweiler, leave my thumping stereo in my '72 Chevy pickup. An X-tra brand head unit and Jenson 3-way speakers."

Aaron Eaton - "I, Aaron Eaton, being of furstrated mind and tired body, will LaTaya Bradstreet the ability to drive to Phillipsburg with tears in your eyes and No Doz in your mouth, to know when it is 'all good', and, of couse, one headlight. To Leah Ziegler, I leave the ability to try to figure everyone out. To Emily Edmonds, I leave Les and everyone like her. To all three of you, I saw the sign. To Shayla LaBarge, I leave the ability to think of something original."

Rudy Fink - "I, Rudy Fink, being of sound mind and body leave the ability to push anyone and everyone in the halls to Chris L. And to Nick K, to pump iron and get muscles."

Craig Honas - "I Craig Honas, living by the motto of, "Go when I want to, wait 'til I have to," will CB my #21 B-ball jersey; to GA, half my vertical leap (that's all you need, try to keep it under 30); to J"H"L, my ability to break people down mentally; to AS, the ability to shut your mouth and breath through your nose; to my best friend EE, the ability to ski and to see the red light before I do; for the rest of you unfortunate souls that didn't get any of my abilities, keep it real. And finally, to CH, the ability to graduate next year just in case you don't succeed this year. Good luck, man!"

Tara Keller - "I, Tara Keller, will to Brandi Lang an egg, and the ability to stop at the stop sign not 15 feet in front of or behind it. To Suzy Kohl, the ability to keep a muffler on her car. To Suzie Shepherd, the ability to make a funny movie, to remember the doughman, and the ability to squash people. To Travis, the ability to slack off in everything. To the Newt Brothers, . . . Arthur's . . .enough said. To Jared Wickham, the ability to enjoy warm weather instead of the ice storms! To Brook, the ability to be where you say you are going to be, and to ability to find your shoes. To Geoff, the ability to weave. To Arthur's crew, the huge mouse trap for the rat down there. And to Leah, the ability to eat lunch in the hall and NOT get caught by Mr. Romine"

Jamie Kohl - "I, Jamie Kohl, being of absent mind and dwarfed body, will Krista Kohl the ability to get off of the high jump pit without tearing ligaments. To Tyler Fisher, I will the ability to keep score at men's league basketball games. To Hilarious J, I will the ability to get kicked off the internet for a year by checkin' the "groovy" Austin Powers home page, Yeah Baby, Yeah! To Nicolas Keller, I will the ability to say G.I. Joe and "G-17". To Molly Honas, i will the ability to get a new, shiny car (purple mustang). To Terri Kroeger, I will the ability to hurdle without falling or hitting one. And finally, To Shane Sommers, I will my Neosporine knee brace."

Suzy Kohl - "I, Suzy Kohl, of somtimes confused mind and tanning body, will my ability to avoid any conversation by changing the subject to Brandi Lang. To Ryan Gashler, I will my ability not to think of confusing situations during the week - only on weekends. I will to next year's Journalism staff my ability to get a layout done in two days with few corrections. I also will to Brandi Lang my slow CD songs that always put us in good moods."

Thomas Locker - "I, Thomas Locker, being of dazed mind and confused body, leave Luke Ernst the ability to rage on whomever he wants. To Nathan Harwick, I leave my ability not to care."

Joshua Luea - "I, Josh Luea, being of freaky mind and squirrely body, leave to Ryan Gaschler the ability to be an absolute pretty boy. To Tyler Fisher, the ability to impersonate Matzke on all golf trips. To Jr. LaBarge, the ability to never hit a road sign with a bottle. To Brad Schoenthaler, I leave the responsibility of spewing on a play station. To Jason Homewood, you were the best person to ever johnny on the way to GPD class. To Luke Ernst, the right to look like a fruit."

Justin Meserve - "I, Justin Meserve, will my car and my ability to raise heck everyday to Jody Schuster."

Christopher Mickelson - "I, Chris Mickelson, of incurable mind and proliferous body, will the historic red beard to Jared Wickham, for he now follows in the footsteps of many famous captains (Casey Edmonds, Skyler Rorabaugh); to Jason Homewood, I will my massive pipes; to Nathan "The Extremist" Harwick, I will my ability to out fish any given person on any given day; to Luke Karlin, I will the meat off my bones, for thy skeleton is thy worst enemy; to Darin Myers I will the ability to attend first hour more than 50% of the time; to "Halarious" Jay Leiker, I will my ability to act normal, for thy kid is out of control; to Tyler Fisher, I will the pool championship belt; to Chad Zerfas, I will my ability to pass advanced comp. class without reading a single novel; to Craig Amrein, I will my ability, if by chance he doesn't graduate, to pass high school; to all EHS prisoners, I will my ball and chain, you fools, ha, ha, ha!!!"

Brett Neumann - "I, Brett Neumann, being of pretty boy hair and sound mind, give to Tyler Fisher the ability to play "consistent" at a golf tournament (willed to me by Casey Swindler). To Geoff Andrews, I will my bility to be introduced to someone's stepdad 5 times without him remembering you. To Riley Deutscher, I give the ability to lose money playing poker in Long's study hall. To Jared Wickham, I give the ability to work the "superman" shift at work. To Christy K., I will the ability to hold a grudge for a whole semester by not emailing someone. To Hilarious Leiker, I will the ability to check out the Austin Powers website on a school computer, then getting caught for it. To Nick Keller, I give the power to burn 'em off every day after golf practice (we know you can't). And to any senior that may not graduate, I will my ability to pass high school."

Brook Nowlin - "I, Brook Nowlin, leave all underclassmen the ability to skip school and still graduate."

Wade Pfannenstiel - "I, Wade Pfannenstiel, being of no sound nor mind, will Ryan Gaschler my welding and working abilities. To Leah Ziegler, my ability to not care anymore."

Brandon Pfeifer - "I, Brandon Pfeifer, being of sound mind and body will my ability to place at state in wrestling to Matt LaBarge. My ability to evacuate the band room with a stink bomb to Preston and J.W. My wonderful singing voice to Felicity, and last to never get drunk my whole 4 years of high school to any underclassmen."

Kizmin Rorabaugh - "I, Kizmin Rorabaugh, being of crazy mind and elongated body, leave my favorite cousin Anthony the infamous Colt. To Wicky, I leave all the roadtrips in the world, and of course, Eugene! To Crystal Augustine, holy water and a tigger. To Brandi Lang, a lot of tissues. To Terri Kroeger, someone to unlock the door at cheer camp. To Raleen Fisher, the ability to see those red hexagonal signs. To Natalie Waldschmidt and Suzie Shepherd, love stories. To Bobbie Weber; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Woo Hoo!! To Amy Saindon, a cool locker buddy. To Anne Madorin and Maren Smith, your new titles as the "the trees". to Wes Rathbun, a short roadtrip to Hays selling ads. To Wendy Hauschild, my wonderful attitude . . . . To all the students at EHS, the ability to have the most fun during your high school years."

Robert Sandlin - "I, Robert Sandlin, being of no mind and long body, leave to Brad S. the last will and testimony of the OG 2pac. I leave to Jr. LaBarge (a.k.a Eddie Munster) the ability to have a successful basketball season. I leave to Emily Fisher the day of Nov. 16th. And to all the up and coming seniors, the ability not to take Adv. Comp, but if you do, I leave the ability to not have a long enough term paper and still get a passing grade."

Shane Schartz - "I, Shane Schartz, being of sound body and mopped mind, leave the following to the following: To the Ten Foot Crew, I leave the ability to run through the skunk trail faster than the common idiot. To Joe Kreutzer, I leave the ability to hide a black duffel bag with everyone's stuff in it over a mile away, in the most jewish place of all.To Josh Debolt, I leave the ability to not be a freak. To Riley Deutscher, I leave the ability to eat a thousand smores, and also the ability to not think about being abducted by aliens constantly. To the
bridge club, I leave the ability to bridge it all the time without ever having supplies. To everyone with ICQ, I leave the ability to know where everyone is at and what they are doing at any given time without ever leaving the house. To Jonas Luea, I leave the sheer power and speed of my car. To Luke Ernst, I leave the most incredible thing I own, my mop, and also the ability to keep track of the Chicago Cubs. To Jesse Leiker, I leave the ability to tag people's cars with white shoepolish but yet never be blamed until 7 months later. To Nathan Harwick, I leave the ability to shoot a chuck with somebody else's blowgun, and also the ability not to be a chump. To Jared Wickham, I leave my electric blanket that has cursed me throughout high school. To Jason Homewood and
Shane Mickelson, I leave the red racing stripe that was on my truck. To J. W.
Ball, I leave my appendix. To Brad Schoenthaler, I leave my ability to be the most worth while worker, and to always be the one who mopped the night before. To Seth Dinkel, I leave my fruit basket, filled with firestix and bottled water. To Captain Matt, I leave my expert navigational skills, and the parrot on my shoulder. To Darrin Myers, I leave my International Man of Mystery status. To Nick Keller, I leave my G.I. Joes. To Sam Shubert, I leave the ability to go downtown. To A.J. Hill, I will the ability to fall off the back of his car and skidding to a stop. To all the high schoolers, I leave the ability to graduate in four years.

Heidi Schmidt - "I, Heidi Schmidt, being of sound mind, body, leave Ryan Gaschler my nintendo and sledding talent; Emily Edmonds the courage to have a seizure in front of the opposing volleyball team; Raleen Fisher my ability to stop 2 inches from hitting a bus. To Shane Mickelson, my ability to walk out the door, sometimes, without getting in trouble. To Riley Deutscher and the other boy's in my study hall, I leave you my card-playing talent."

Eric Schuster - "I, Eric Schuster, leave my Ford Ranger to Nick Keller and a lawsuit pending on Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and my stereo to the dump"

Michael Shepherd - "I, Michael Shepherd, being of sawed-off body and large melon, hereby will my keen sense of humor and ability to tell killer morning jokes to Brad Schoenthaler. To Jr. LaBarge, I will my superior free-throw shooting ability, which was willed to me by Seth Bittel, and willed to him by Ryan Keller. To Jason Homewood and Nathan Harwick, the ability and marksmanship to make animal soup. To Geoff Andrews, the power of the Kangaroo. I will all future engineering students my ability and ambition necessary to construct a safe zipline. To Hilarious J, the curse of the Johnny eye. To Amy Saindon, the ability to make a truly safe bonfire. To Mr. Kolacny and Tyler Fisher, my ability to win golf clubs I don't need and rarely use. To Brett Seibel, I will the power of the stubby bear and my superb frisbee techniques. To Kristen, a telescope and math knowledge. And to my sister Suzie, my ability in track. To Raleen, the responsibilty to be Rocky's friend and to keep him company when I leave."

Rachel Solomon - "I, Rachel Solomon, being of sometimes there mind and skinny body, leave to Vicki S. the ability to control her temper and not attack anyone! To Nick Keller, the ability to be quiet for at least one minute. The Journalism staff, the ability to be less stressed; to the student body, the ability to graduate like us. To Amanda Zachman, I will the ability to not be pushed around as a freshman."

Aaron Wade - "I Aaron Wade, being of little guy frame and perverted mind, will the ability to lose more than 15 lbs. in a week to Matt Dinkel; to Brett S., I will all Rec. knowledge and the ability to wrestle good in preseason; to Wes and Jesse L, the great Boom Box; to Sam S., the ability to get a locker by someone as cool as me who shuts it everyday; to Geoff A., I will a car so he doesn't have to freeload so many rides; to Riley, I will the one and only go-cart; to Jason H., I will the ability to kill-one in the Johnnywagon; to Little Newt, I will all my smoothness which is not much, but it will help you; to Big Dave M, I will the ability to pass all classes and good luck at being the next strongest man at EHS; to any EHS student, I will my parking spot. It is the best one in the whole parking lot."

Jennifer Waldschmidt - "I Jenny Waldschmidt leave Natalie, my sister, the ability to leave school during lunch w/o signing out. To Luke, the ability to go outside everday during lunch. To Shayla, the ability to always find a Junior to drive you and a friend around on the weekends."

P.J Waldschmidt - "I, P.J. Waldschmidt, being of animal brain and uncontrolable body, leave to Brad my ability to make it home on time. To Homewood, my great ability to kill one. To Shane and Chad, the ability to drive around for 12 hours and only end up at Yocemento."

Anita Weber - "I, Anita Weber, being of sound mind and body, leave to P.A. the ability to not do anything in first hour Art class; to GH, the ability to eat french fries in the hallway; to KW, I leave my parking spot."

Bobbie Jo Weber - "I, Bobbie Jo Weber, being of forgetful mind and body, leave to Terri Kroeger my ability to con her mom into buying the most shoes. To Crystal Augustine, to break a nail. To Jared Wickham, to get Eldon's class for Study Hall, to order all food to go at Sonic. To Kizmin Rorabaugh, to drive from Hays to Ellis without stopping. To Shayla LaBarge, the ability to find a good locker bud. To Clint Amrein, the ability to drive a car full of rude people around."

Micah Zachman - "I, Micah Zachman, being of tired mind and body, will Crystal my ability not to be in love with a different guy everyday (love ya); To Vicki, I leave my ability to drive; and to everyone still stuck in this school, especially my little sister Amanda, the ability to graduate."

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