Each person had 3 anonymous people predict what will become of them in the future. (Not all students responded)

Craig Amrein - "Bouncer"

Damon Anderson - "Animal control officer"; "Head mechanic who specializing in installation of car stereos"

Olivia Anderson - "Tour director at Graceland."; "Own her own Harley Davidson shop"

Betsy Bartlett - "Marry Damon"

Shannon Befort - "Nurse in a Colorado hospital"; "Marry Ben"

Jamie Bieker - "Restaurant manager"; "Journalist"

Kristy Brown - "Accountant in a big town." "Journalist"; "A business lady"

Jeff Dorzweiler - "Farmer"; "Farmer"

Aaron Eaton - "Have kids soon"; "Work at Hotline indefintely"

Rudy Fink - "He and Rachel will get married, have a huge house with lots of kids running around."; "Marry Rachel, have tons of kids, and own a building business in Colorado"

Craig Honas - "Comedian at a small club"; "?"; "Someday own Honas Heating/AC"

Amy Karlin - "Secretary at a law firm"; "Will work at Alloways and live at home for a long time."

Tara Keller - "Lunch lady"

Jamie Kohl - "Lawyer"

Suzy Kohl - "Management"; "Married with lots of kids and a good job"

Tom Locker - "Work on computers."; "Computer Programmer."; "Biker"

Josh Luea - "Accounting"; "Salesperson"

Justin Meserve - "He will build the fastest drag racer on the earth."; "Making his car fast."; "Farm"

Christopher Lee Mickelson - "He will be married within a year."; "Become the next John Kolacny of golf."

LeAnne Neuburger -

Brett Neumann - "Golf course manager"; "Office worker"

Brook Nowlin - "Car salesperson."; "Super Model"; "Kentucky Fried Chicken"

Wade Pfannenstiel - "Working on a car and having fun."; "Farmer"; "Farmer"

Brandon Pfeifer - "Farmer"

Kizmin Rorabaugh - "Making Commericals"; "Get married"

Robert Sandlin - "Own a stereo company"

Shane Schartz - "A bar bouncer"

Heidi Schmidt - "Bartender."

Eric Schuster - "He will be the next Nascar Mechanic for someone."; "Farmer"; "Part-time bus driver, Part-time farmer"

Michael Shepherd - "Lawyer."; "Rich guy"; "Professional Performer (Piano, singing)"

Rachel Solomon - "Marry Rudy."; "Nurse"; "Mother and house wife"

Aaron Wade - "Head executive of Jolt Cola"; "Hotel Manager"; "Stagehand"

Jennifer Waldschmidt - "Graduate from FHSU and marry by 21."

P.J. Waldschmidt - "Have a good looking wife and possibly be an orthodontist"

Anita Weber - "Be a successful banker."; "Working as a receptionist and babysittying."

Bobbie Weber - "She's going to do nails"; "Doing nails and running a tanning salon."

Micah Zachman - "Marry a rich man and not have to work."; "Working at an advertising place in a big city."


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