These seniors received certificates indicating that they have completed the Board of Regents Recommended Curriculum including 4 years of English , 3 Math,3 Science including both Physics and Chemistry, 3 units of Soc Studies, and 2 units of Foreign Language : Jamie Kohl, Suzy Kohl, Brett Neumann, Shane Schartz, Michael Shepherd, and Rachel Solomon.

Of theses students, two have received the outstanding honor of Kansas State Scholar: Shane Schartz and Michael Shepherd. This means that in addition to completing the Regents recommended curriculum, these students also achieved outstanding ACT scores as turned by the December test. This makes them eligible for a scholarship up to $1000 based on financial need.

The next group of seniors received certificates from the President's Education Awards Program. These awards are presented to seniors who have at least a 3.5 grade point average and whose ACT score place them in the 85th percentile in math or reading.

Kristy Brown, Chris Mickelson, Brett Neumann, Shane Schartz, and Michael Shepherd.


Michael Shepherd is also being awarded the Dale Dennis Excellence in Education Award for Service, Scholarship, Citizenship, and Leadership. Michael also earned the Principal's Leadership Award voted on by the high school faculty. He was also on the Topeka Capital Journal 1998 All-State Academic Team, which is comprised of the top students across the state.

In addition, Michael was chosen as Ellis High School's Governor's Scholar. The Governor's Scholars represent the top 1% of the graduating classes across Kansas.

An additional award Michael earned this year was from the Tandy Corporation, Michael was chosen Outstanding Student for excellence in math, science, and computer science. This is an award that is not given every year by the staff of Ellis High School.


The next two certificate are being presented to : Suzy Kohl and Brandon Pfeifer. They are receiving certificates from the KS high School Activites Association. They were chosen by the faculty to receive the Ks High School Activity Associations Citizenship Awards.


The National Honor Society Certificates of Merit were awarded to Suzy Kohl and Michael Shepherd. This award was granted to two seniors who were in the Ellis chapter of the National Honor Society and whom the faculty felt exemplified the ideals of service, character, academic excellence and leadership.


A final award, not given every year was presented by Sgt. Gary Augustine. He awarded the Scholar/Athlete Award to Chris Mickelson and Michael Shepherd.