~class information~

I am very happy to have your child in my class this year.  We have 21 students in our class and we are very eager to get the year underway.   You will find a couple of helpful bits of information below that should help you and your 4th grader get through the year with ease.


The planner is used as a communication device between home and school.  Students fill out their planners at the end of each day.  Any homework the student needs to complete will be highlighted or circled in the planner so that you are able to differentiate between things done in class and things that need to be completed at home.


The planner is to be signed each night by a parent or guardian so that I know it has been looked at and that the student has completed their homework.  If the planner is not signed the student will be given a “- 2” and will miss one recess.  Each student begins the 9 week quarter with 100 points.  Each time it is not signed, a deduction of 2 points is made.  The remaining points at the end of the 9 week grading period will be used as an organization grade (in English).


Ex.     Planner not signed 4 times during the nine weeks…grade=92%

         Planner signed each day…grade=100%


Each lesson in the Spelling book consists of four pages.  We will do one page (Monday through Thursday) each day.  The Spelling list is on the first page of the lesson, so it is imperative that the students bring their books home to study.  I will also be sending a printed list of the Spelling words for you to keep at home each Monday.  A pre-test will be given each Wednesday.  If your child passes their test on Wednesday, they do not have to take the test on Friday.  There are 4-5 CHALLENGE words with each lesson. I encourage all students to try to learn and spell these words.  If the CHALLENGE words are spelled correctly, students earn one extra percentage point on the test for each word spelled correctly.  The Spelling books are graded weekly and a grade is recorded.



The 4th graders will be using the Shurley Method for English again this year.  I am very impressed with their abilities to label the sentences and recite the jingles…they catch on very quickly!  We will do the practice sentences in class and will also practice the jingles daily.  The majority of work is done in class, so you will rarely see any English homework.  We always take a practice test the day before the actual test is given…the kids are to take this home and use it as a study guide for the test.



The students will be experiencing and learning about all areas of science.  4th grade is a year in which the students learn about life, earth, physical, and space/technological science.  These areas will be taught through the use of technology and various other resources.  The students will complete group projects, individual work, and there will be whole class assignments.  The 4th grade students will be taking State Assessments in this content area in the Spring. 


Social Studies

This is the first year that I have taught Social Studies to the 4th graders.  I am very excited to learn along with them and I know that the kids will learn many interesting and wacky facts about our world. We will be studying geography and history during our class time.  You child will also be learning all of the states and capitals and will even be doing some “law making” in the classroom.


Reading at Home

Students are asked to read 20 minutes each evening as “homework.”  Please write in the planner the amount of time your child reads each night.  All students are required to get 5 A.R. (Accelerated Reader) points every three weeks.  The first 5 points are due September 9thth.


We are going to have a great year!  If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me at home or at school. 



~Mrs. Kuppetz


school ph.#:785-726-3136