Dear Parents,

Plan ahead to encourage reading during summer vacation. Here is a list of suggestions to

help you get started. Have a great summer!!

Mrs. Edmonds

*Set a good example. Let your child see you reading books, newspapers, and magazines.

* Set aside time to read and share ideas together. Read to your child often. Snuggle up, relax, and enjoy these special moments.

*Limit the amount of time your child watches television. Fill this time with mentally & physically challenging activities.

*Play games with your child. Board games, card games, and thinking games are fun alternatives to tv for the entire family.

*Encourage you child to read road signs while traveling. Show him how to read & use a map.

*Play an alphabet game in the car. Have your child locate each letter of the alphabet on the passing billboards and business signs.

*Play thinking games in the car. Try twenty questions using characters, places, or objects from books that your child has read.

*Read books about animals, then visit a zoo.

*Ask your child to help you locate products on supermarket shelves. Have them read, sort, and compare the labels.

*Have your child choose a recipe, then read the ingredients and the instructions as he helps you prepare it.

*Make a mailbox with your child, using a shoe box or oatmeal container. Place junk mail and special notes in their mailbox for your child to read.

*Encourage your child to have a hobby. Go to the library and check out books to encourage them to get started.

*Go to garage sales and look for secondhand book bargains. Give books as rewards.

*Subscribe to a children's magazine. Put the subscription in your child's name so he can look forward to reading his own mail.

* Check your local recreation commissions for scheduled summer activities.

*Work daily (only 10-15 min) on math flash cards (add, subtract, multiply, divide)