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Curriculum Coordinating Council

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The Curriculum Coordinating Council (CCC) is a representative group of district personnel that advises the Board of Education, through the superintendent, in matters concerning curriculum and instruction.  The CCC makes all professional decisions pertaining to curriculum, instruction, and student learning.   This means the CCC also serves as a sounding board for certified personnel in curriculum/instruction matters, oversees professional development needs, coordinates the QPA accreditation processes, directs the work of the content area teachers in the curriculum mapping process, and appoints and directs any other committees necessary for the development, implementation, and long-term evaluation of curriculum and instruction.  The CCC does not make managerial decisions related to buildings, personnel, budgets, or other agenda items reserved for the administrative team, building principals, site councils, or the Board of Education.

Functions of the Curriculum Coordinating Council

The major functions of the USD 388 CCC will be to:

  1. Communicate to the Superintendent and the Board of Education the long-range plan for curriculum development and review.
  2. Establish and coordinate a systematic, on-going process for instructional resource (textbooks, software, materials) selection.
  3. Establish and coordinate a systematic, on-going process for developing, implementing, and evaluating curricula.
  4. Act as the communication link between the certified staff, the Superintendent and Board of Education in matters relating to curriculum development and instructional planning.
  5. Promote and encourage communication among personnel within the district.
  6. Establish goals based on research and local needs.
  7. Assist the district in meeting state and federal mandates and gaining/maintaining accreditation.


General Procedures:  The CCC will meet on a regular basis throughout the academic year.  Meeting dates will be established by the CCC at the end of each school year for the upcoming year.  Notification of any additional meetings will be given at least five days prior to the meetings.  Special meetings may be called as needed by the CCC Facilitator, Superintendent, or at least five members of the CCC.  The CCC Facilitator may cancel meetings with the approval of the Superintendent.

Decision Making Process:  All decisions should be by consensus of those members present.  If consensus cannot be reached, polling of membership may take place.  Simple majority will rule.  The CCC Facilitator may call for the polling of membership.  (Polling of the membership should be used only as a last resort).

Quorum:  A quorum constitutes a simple majority of the total membership.  Meetings will not be conducted if a quorum is not present.

Agenda Development and Procedure:  Agenda items for consideration by the CCC may be proposed by members, certified personnel, the Superintendent, or members of the Board of Education.  The items should be submitted to the CCC Facilitator at least 5 days prior to the scheduled meeting of the council.  One copy of the agenda and notification of the meeting shall be sent to each council member and one copy to each building for posting.  Distribution of the agenda shall occur at least three working days prior to the scheduled meeting.  The CCC Facilitator shall determine the amount of time to be spent on each agenda item.

Maintaining Meeting Records:  Records of meetings and materials submitted to the CCC shall be forwarded to the CCC Facilitator who will maintain a master file for reference purposes.  A copy of these records will also be kept on file by the secretary.  Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the secretary and copies will be forwarded to the CCC Facilitator, and distributed to certified staff members.  Summaries of any other committees that relate to CCC matters shall also be forwarded to the CCC Facilitator.

Amendments:  The curriculum policy is subject to review at least once each year.  If changes, corrections, or updates are determined to be necessary after this analysis, the CCC will make amendments following the standards procedure for decision-making.

Members of the CCC:  The members of the CCC shall be representative of the certified personnel and the Board of USD 388.  Members of the CCC will be selected on the basis of interest and professional qualifications for the job.  Interested parties will be asked to fill out an application and submit it to the CCC Facilitator. The Superintendent, with input from the principals, will make the final selections.

Terms of Membership:   CCC members will serve two year terms and may reapply for subsequent two year terms with no restrictions.  Those individuals with mandatory membership due to position/title will maintain permanent positions on the CCC.

  1. Resignation:  A member of the CCC may resign at any time.  A letter of resignation shall be written and submitted by the resigning member to the CCC Chairperson at least one regular meeting prior to the effective date of the resignation.  The vacancy shall be filled according to the selection procedures.
  2. Composition and Representation:  The recommended composition of the CCC will be:
    1. K-3                                                                               1
    2. 4-6                                                                                1
    3. 7-8                                                                                1
    4. 9-12                                                                              4
    5. At Large - EHS                                                             1
    6. At Large – WGS                                                           1
    7. BOE                                                                              1
    8. * Building Principals                                                       2
    9. * Superintendent                                                            1
    10. * Technology Coordinator                                              1
    11. * Staff Development Facilitator                                       1
    12. * Counselors                                                                  2

*Indicates mandatory on-going membership

*Note:  The CCC will serve as a committee of the whole chair for the QPA process.

Duties of the CCC Members:

  1. Assist in establishing meeting dates and length of meetings.
  2. Writes, and on an annual basis, reviews the Curriculum Policy.
  3. Develops a plan for QPA school improvement, curriculum mapping, technology integration, program planning, instructional resource selection, assessment, curriculum revision, with regular reviews of progress and direction.
  4. Recommends completed work received from content area mapping groups to the Superintendent and the Board of Education for board approval.
  5. Analyzes student data as presented by QPA committees, curriculum maps, student assessment scores, and group information gathering sessions to determine the effectiveness and value of the curriculum process.
  6. Assists with the planning of professional development sessions for USD 388 staff.
  7. CCC members will give regular reports to their respective committees (Integrated School Improvement Teams, Professional Development Council, Site Councils, Board of Education, etc.)

Secretary:  The secretary of the CCC will be appointed by the Superintendent.  He/she shall keep minutes of all meetings and present minutes for approval at the next meeting, and shall keep a notebook containing a complete record of the work of the CCC and all other committees assigned by the CCC. Copies of all minutes shall be given to any member not present.  All general correspondence of the CCC shall be handled by the secretary.

Reimbursement:  All administrators and teachers serving on the CCC will have the opportunity to receive PDC points.
CCC Membership:
Misty Lohmeyer - K-3
Pauleen Edmonds - 4-6                                 
Shelly Hensley - 7-8                                 
Karen Madorin – EHS Language Arts
David Wildeman – EHS Science
Kay Poland- WGS at Large
Bob Kohman - EHS Career & Tech
Jeff Kohl – EHS Social Studies
Sandy Shupe – EHS At Large/Special Education-AtRisk
Jane Downing – Board of Education Member                                                                              
Corey Burton – EHS Principal                                                  
John Befort – WGS Principal
Robert Young - Superintendent                                                           
Steve Herrman – Technology Coordinator
Jill Wood - Staff Development Facilitator                                    
Troy Dale – EHS Counselor                                                                 
Nicole Carroll – WGS Counselor